Curriculum and Instruction

Anthony Wayne Local Schools provides a rigorous and relevant curriculum based on Ohio Department of Education Content Standards and real-world learning opportunities.  District administrators, principals, and teachers work collaboratively to ensure that students receive the necessary content and instruction so that they may be successful on State mandated assessments while preparing them for post-secondary studies and/or entry into the workforce.  Evidence of this rigor is shown by the nine consecutive years of Excellent ratings earned on the Ohio State report card as well ACT scores that rank above National averages.

The current curriculum is based on content standards that were adopted by the Ohio State Board of Education in 2002.  However, the district is focusing a great deal of professional development time to the implementation of the Common Core Content Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics and Ohio's Revised Standards in Science and Social Studies.  The Ohio State Board of Education adopted the Common Core and Revised Standards in June of 2010 with the intent of assessing these standards during the 2014-2015 school year.  Anthony Wayne Local Schools has developed a three-year professional development plan designed to assist teachers and administrators with this transition.  This plans coincides with Ohio's transition plan for district leaders and teachers.