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Student Services coordinates a variety of programs and supports to assist students with diverse and individual needs. Anthony Wayne Local Schools provides a continuum of services to students ages 3 to 21 identified as eligible under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA). Services are delivered according to the Ohio Operating Standards. The department also oversees services for students requiring homebound instruction, Section 504 services, preschool special education, and limited English proficiency.

The department works with parents, administrators, teachers, and related service providers to design appropriate educational opportunities. This may also include collaborating with school nurses, guidance counselors, and outside community resources.  Our department goal is to ensure that all students in Anthony Wayne Local Schools are taught the skills necessary to be healthy, happy, and productive citizens in our community.

Crystal Bucher
Student Services Secretary
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Crystal Bucher serves as secretary to the Student Services Department. Crystal processes and maintains confidential records of exceptional students; maintains the district inventory of specialized equipment and processes purchases from federal grant monies. Additionally, she helps assist and direct parents with enrollment and department procedures and requirements. Finally, she assists in the preparation of federal and state reporting and monitors department compliance according to state guidelines.

Angela Gardner
Director of Student Services  (7-12)
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Jennifer Karl-Thompson
Director of Student Services (Preschool - 6th)

Jennifer Karl-Thompson serves as Student Services Supervisor for Preschool up through grade 6. Jennifer joined the Anthony Wayne staff in 2012. Jennifer works closely with students in the intervention and early identification process. She also works to ensure compliance with federal and state mandates.

Brian Billings
Director of Gidted Services

Brian Billings serves as the Director of Gifted Services in the district. Brian oversees all facets of testing for identification, service programs offered and student placement. Prior to being the director, Brian taught in the LEAP program at the 4th and 5th Grade level.