Anthony Wayne Local Schools Mission Statement

Anthony Wayne Local Schools will partner with our community to engage all students in educational opportunities empowering them to become active, responsible, and productive citizens in our global society.

Anthony Wayne Junior High School

Anthony Wayne Junior High students are guided by the mottos AWJH P.R.I.D.E. (Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence) and our Character Development motto of "JBN" (Just Be Nice). At AWJH, we want our students to take pride in their educational development and growth as life-long learners.

  • JH Spelling Bee Winners

    On Monday, December 15th Anthony Wayne Junior High held its annual school spelling bee in the media center.  Students competed for six spots in the Lucas County Area Spelling Bee.  The six winners were:
    Sam Conklin
    Deena Amrou
    Sam Schofield 
    Hans Rudolph
    Parker Scheuerman        
    Allen Shields.

    All six winners will compete against other Lucas County schools on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at the Maumee Indoor Theatre starting at 7:00 P.M.  Mr. Varga would like to thank all of the winners and participants for a job well done.  Special thanks goes out to Mrs. Newman for her help in organizing yesterday's competition.

  • K-9 Dogs

    Toledo Police Office Matajewski and K-9 Hugo visited the Junior High when Mrs. George's Advanced Language Arts student Sydney gave a presentation in class on K-9 dogs


  • Students Testing Seismograph Projects

    Science classes are studying Earth and it"s interior.  Students will learn about how scientists know about the structure and composition of the interior of the Earth (without being able to see it).  Seismic data, graphics, charts digital displays and cross sections must be used to study the Earth's interior.  Actual data from the refraction and reflection of seismic waves can be used to demonstrate how scientists have determined the different layers of the Earth's interior.  New discoveries and technological advances relating to understanding Earth's interior also play an important role in this content.


  • Celebrating National French Week

    Mrs. Heacock's two JH French 1 classes proudly showing off this year's National French Week t-shirts!


  • Food Week

    Mrs. Schaller celebrated Food Week concentrating on local foods.  Produce donated from Hoen's Orchards was used for a butternut squash demonstration and the Big Apple Crunch Celebration.  In addition, the Chef and Owner of Balance Pan-Asian Grille shared his culinary skills with tastes from local food sources.

  • AWJH Constitution Day Design Winners

    On a remarkable day in history, thirty nine delegates etched their signatures, forever ensuring the basic freedoms we celebrate today. Just four years following the signing of the Treaty of Paris, colonial leaders found themselves locked in another epic struggle, protecting the rights of newly freed Americans and replacing the heavily flawed Articles of Confederation.

    Drafting a new government model caused significant issues between two emerging political parties, the Federalists and Antifederalists. Sharing their views and beliefs for a new post-war America, the country's leading delegates were able to draft a new resolution, a resolution that laid the foundation for principles including check and balances, limited powers, representative democracy, popular sovereignty, separation of powers, and the concept of shared powers, also known as federalism.

    Each year on September 17, students across the country celebrate the signing of the Constitution in Philadelphia. Students were asked to design a patriotic poster that incorporated team work, influential amendments, and the enduring American dream. The top five drawings from each class are being submitted to the national competition in Washington D.C.. These pictured students were chosen by staff members as the AWJH Constitution Day design winners.

    AWJH winners left to right: Ashley Wise 3rd Place, Emily Ray 1st Place, Ariel Tonkel 2nd Place.

    Congratulations once again on an outstanding job of representing your school, community, and country.