• At Anthony Wayne High school, we invite you to be part of a unique educational experience that will expose you to 21st century skills and prepare you for life after high school.  Here, at Anthony Wayne, we offer a diversified educational experience that includes choices of AP core classes, classes in the area of arts (visual, vocal, and instructional), as well as excellent technology, foreign language and business classes.  All of our instructors are HQT certified and focus on the unique needs and interests of all of our students.  We provide a full continuum of services for students that may have special needs. Our intervention instructors are excellent communicators and collaborators.

    Also, the instructors at Anthony Wayne High School are extremely proud of the variety of clubs and teams that you will have an opportunity to experience.  Through these experiences we believe that students are provided the opportunity to collaborate, problem-solve, and experience a sense of community.  These projects do not only happen within the school walls or property boundaries, but many of our teams and clubs participate in community service projects throughout our community at large.  Advisors, coaches, and students believe that they have a responsibility to give back to their community and choose to do it through a variety of community service projects.

    Anyone who walks through our high school doors or sets foot on our campus can observe our students' and staff's pride in the condition of our buildings and grounds.  All that walk these halls take responsibility for keeping our buildings and grounds clean.  We have a dedicated maintenance staff that prides themselves in maintaining a clean, safe, and secure education environment.  We believe that this type of setting helps set the tone for a superior educational experience for all students.

    Many that have walked our halls also walk the campuses of Big Ten schools, Ivy League schools, and other prestigious university and military settings.  This past year our students were offered 8 million dollars in educational scholarships.  Over 70% of last year's graduating class chose to continue their educational career at a 4-year college or university campus.