Gifted Services

L.E.A.P. What Is It?

The mission of the Anthony Wayne School LEAP (Learning, Enrichment and Acceleration Program) is to: 

  • Facilitate the development of the gifted child by addressing their unique needs both academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Enhance the academic achievement and motivation of the gifted student by engaging them in an academically enriched and accelerated curriculum structured to meet their needs.
  • Give the gifted student the necessary tools to understand and use effective problem solving and decision making strategies to prepare them for a meaningful participation in future endeavors and a global society.
  • Allow them the opportunity to interact and learn from their academically and socially similar peers.

What Happens In L.E.A.P.?

Students invited to participate in LEAP will be challenged in the areas of reading and/or math depending on their identification.  In grades 3 and 4, the service model consists of a blended approach between collaborative (team) teaching and small group pull-out.  In grades 5 and 6, LEAP Math and Reading are offered as daily replacement courses in lieu of the regular classroom.  The teacher, certified in gifted education, presents a program in keeping with the student's age and ability.  A higher level thinking curriculum based on Ohio’s State Content Standards and current educational research is presented, focusing on accelerated content.  The curriculum is designed to include advanced problem solving, research, product design, and projects requiring creativity, individual and group work.

A state approved Written Education Plan will be created jointly by staff and parents.

Where Are L.E.A.P. Classes Held?

Each building in the K-6 setting has a LEAP classroom for use by the gifted teachers.  The location and specifics of this classroom change as needed based on enrollment. Board policy states that LEAP students are not required to complete regular classroom homework that they have missed while at their LEAP class.  Long term projects are still required to be completed if previously assigned.  If there is a problem, please discuss it with the regular classroom teacher.

Does My Child Have to Participate?

The final decision to permit participation rests with the parent and is a voluntary decision.  A Permission to Participate form is signed and returned to the gifted coordinator or gifted teacher, allowing student participation. Students are expected to complete the full year in LEAP once the commitment has been made.  If an emergency arises or the teacher and parent feel it is not in the best interest of the student to continue, withdrawal procedures can be initiated.

How Are Parents Informed About Results

After a Permission to Test form is signed by the parent, further formal testing is completed.  Upon completion of test scoring, results are emailed to the parents within 30 days of the testing. Students transferring into the district will be assessed within 90 days of date of transfer if requested by parents.  Student data from previous school will be assessed.

Qualifications For The L.E.A.P. Program?

An intensive screening process is employed to identify those children eligible to receive gifted services.  The State of Ohio and House Bill 282 have set the criteria for gifted identification.  To meet the state regulated standards, along with the Anthony Wayne gifted plan submitted to the Ohio Department of Education, a student has two ways to qualify for services.  The first way to qualify is that students must score a minimum of 128 on a state approved ability test and score a 90% or higher (plus or minus one standard deviation) in the areas of reading and/or math on a state approved achievement test.  The second way to qualify is that students must must score a minimum of 120 on a state approved ability test and score a 95% or higher (plus or minus one standard deviation) in the areas of reading and/or math on a state approved achievement test.  Recommendations for a testing pool includes the standardized testing results given to the whole grade groups, parents/guardians, peers, administrators, or other related professionals.  Self-recommendation is also encouraged.  Referral forms for the program are located in the main office of each school building or online at

The gifted coordinator and gifted teachers consider each potential applicant’s demonstrated ability to succeed in both the regular classroom and the challenging LEAP classroom.

Placement in the program is limited by law.  The maximum class size and other specifics vary based on the service setting.

Does My Child Need To Re-qualify Every Year?

Students do not need to re-qualify for the program on a yearly basis.  Once the student is invited he/she will continue in the program unless a modification is recommended by the teacher and parent. Students who have been tested, but who have not been selected for participation, may be considered to be re-tested twice a year as stated by Ohio Law.  Parents may request reconsideration by contacting Brian Billings, Director of Gifted Services, at 419.877.5377 or