​Whitehouse Primary School
Building Goals 2015-16

District Mission: Anthony Wayne Local Schools will partner with our community to engage all students in educational opportunities empowering them to be active, responsible, and productive citizens in our global society.

District Goals:

*Each year the failure rate will be reduced by 10% on Ohio Achievement Tests for reading across the district. (Addressed in Whitehouse Goals: 1, 2 and 3)

*Each year the failure rate will be reduced by 10% on Ohio Achievement Tests for math across the district. (Addressed in Whitehouse Goals: 1, 2 and 3)

*Anthony Wayne Local Schools will establish and utilize a Civic and Community Engagement Committee to gather input, assist in student academic success, and promote the school district as a whole with representation from: School Parent Organizations, Civic Groups, Business Leaders, Senior Citizens, School Personnel, School Board Members, Clergy and Students. (Addressed in Whitehouse Goal: 2 )

*By the beginning of the 2013­2014 school year all staff will ensure all state standards and courses of study are fully addressed and aligned without gaps from grade to grade and with a common level of student expectation across the district. (Addressed in Whitehouse Goal: 1)

*By the beginning of the 2013­2014 school year all staff will implement best instructional practices on a daily basis with all students, recognizing the need to differentiate and individualize to meet all student needs. (Addressed in Whitehouse Goal: 1)

WHITEHOUSE PRIMARY MISSION: The mission of Whitehouse Primary is to provide a safe and positive learning environment with the goal of fostering academic excellence and educating each student to become a responsible, respectful and productive citizen.

Building Goals:

          Goal #1: Improve the quality of education provided for all Whitehouse students.

1. A. The Whitehouse Building will encourage and make available time for collaboration and professional development opportunities for all staff during and outside of school hours.

The staff will:

*utilize time during the day, and during staff meeting times to create opportunities for collaboration and professional development.

*actively participate in all elements of the district professional development plan.

*allocate as much money as possible to the building’s professional development fund.

*encourage attendance at opportunities in the NW Ohio area.

*special area staff will work collaboratively with each grade level to develop interdisciplinary cross­curricular units.

*building professional development will focus on the following areas for 2014­2015: RtI, differentiated instruction, defining consistent expectations, assessment, best practices, technology use, effectively responding to all requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, Common Core academic content standards, revision of standards­based student progress reports, effective implementation of new ELA series, PBIS and effective integration of 21st century skills into everyday instruction.

1. B. The Whitehouse Building will provide a comprehensive intervention program for all students. Every child needing support in any academic or social/emotional area will be provided appropriate and valuable opportunities.

The staff will:

*continue to promote our current tutoring program to utilize volunteers to assist at risk students throughout the school day and after school when possible.

*maintain an environment conducive to learning for tutoring.

*maintain our building intervention team to oversee the building intervention program.

*reevaluate and define needed elements and an appropriate service delivery model for meeting students social and emotional needs

1. C. The Whitehouse Building will continue to focus on differentiation and meeting the needs of students at all ability levels.

The staff will:

*effectively implement elements of the state and federally mandated RtI legislation.

*focus on differentiation to meet the needs of high and low achieving students on an ongoing basis during building professional development opportunities.

*focus on utilizing techniques in the classroom to differentiate instruction for students.

1. D. The Whitehouse Building will strive to reach a building Performance Index Score of 110 for the 2014 ­ 2015 school year, regain its previous identification as being a building rated by the state of Ohio as Excellent with Distinction and achieve at least the following passage rates on Ohio Achievement Assessments: (3 Reading: 100% ) (3 Math: 95% ) (4 Reading: 95% ) (4 Math: 95% ) (at least 95% passing rate on all Ohio Achievement Assessments) strive for 100% 3rd Reading due to the third grade reading guarantee

GOAL #1 EVALUATION: Evaluation of items under goal number one will occur on an ongoing basis, via OAA results and via a spring staff self­assessment.

          Goal #2: Improve the community’s perception of the school.

2. A. The Whitehouse Staff will continue to seek opportunities for parents, grandparents and community to visit our building.

Each grade level / department will seek to provide opportunities during the course of the year to welcome parents and other guests into the building.

2. B. The Whitehouse Building will strive to maintain a high level of communication with parents.

The staff will:

- produce newsletters highlighting classroom activities at least bi­weekly.

- strive to reach the goal of a 24­hour response to all communications from parents.

- consider results of our Spring 2013 Parent Communication Survey when deciding when and how best to communicate with our parents and community.

2. C. The Whitehouse Building will reach out to parents, community, students and one another about ways we can improve the community’s perceptions of the school.

2. D. The Whitehouse Building will look for opportunities to engage with members of the Anthony Wayne Community not directly tied to our school.

GOAL #2 EVALUATION: Evaluation of items under goal number two will occur on an ongoing basis and via a spring staff self­assessment.

          Goal #3: Make Whitehouse Primary School the very best possible place to be.

3. A. The staff will make an effort to maintain a positive building morale.

- recognize other’s contributions to the success of the building via a staff recognition program. maintain a positive and professional approach when dealing with all colleagues, parents and students.

3. B. The staff will actively participate in the building Powerhouse theme to promote student emotional, academic and physical wellness.

GOAL #3 EVALUATION: Evaluation of items under goal number three will occur via a spring staff self­assessment, community assessment and student testing results.