The Anthony Wayne Education Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees acting independently of the Anthony Wayne Board of Education, administration, and faculty. A liaison is maintained with the school board and administration in an ex-officio capacity.

The Anthony Wayne Education Foundation has been formed as a non-profit charitable corporation to recognize outstanding performance by, or special needs of, students, teachers, staff and alumni, and to augment the financial support for education in the Anthony Wayne School District. Through the vehicle of a charitable organization, the Foundation offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to support the educational process through tax-deductible contributions. Gifts to the Foundation will build an endowment fund, which will be used to perpetuate the ideals of academic excellence and progress for the present and future generations of students and educators in the school district.



Kristin Metzger -


Board Members
Tom Przybylski
Jennifer Grabarczyk
Vice Chairperson
A.J. Westfall
Kristin Metzger Treasurer
Jerry Peacock    
Eric Watson    
Nick Sargent    
Olivia Dacre    
Polly Albaugh Advisor  
Dale Knepper Advisor  



  • Outright Gifts – Cash, securities, and property
  • Matching Gifts – Some employers may match a personal gift. Please contact your company’s personnel office.
  • Deferred Gifts – Bequest, gift annuities, charitable trusts, and life insurance policies.
  • Incremental Gifts – Gifts made over a number of years at predetermined intervals and amounts.
  • Memorial Gifts – Cash or assets to honor a relative, friend, school district resident, or school district educator.
  • Special Gifts – Money to underwrite a special program or endow a particular subject or need



The Anthony Wayne Education Foundation awards grants to support a number of educational initiatives for Anthony Wayne Schools. Some recent grants have supported:

  • Monclova/Whitehouse Kindergarten Manatee Study Unit
  • Fallen Timbers Student Assignment Books
  • 12th Grade Academic Awards
  • High School Honors Government Trip to State Capitol
  • Monclova Literacy Night Program
  • Scholarships for Graduating Seniors
  • Challenge Day Program for High School and Junior High

Athletic Boosters Legacy Block Program

The program also awards multiple scholarships each year to Seniors graduating from Anthony Wayne High School.
The AWEF also provides funding for activities, equipment, materials and supplies for programs not usually funded by the Board of Education. Enrich the educational experience and academic environment thru the funding of teacher Professional Development programs.



The Anthony Wayne Education Foundation is dedicated to encouraging and promoting academic ability, achievement, and excellence in the Anthony Wayne School District. The Foundation, through its Board of Trustees, provides funds for activities, programs, equipment, materials, supplies, and professional development not usually funded by the Anthony Wayne Board of Education. The Anthony Wayne Education Foundation is governed by its Board of Trustees and acts independently of the Anthony Wayne School District’s Board of Education.

The AWEF funded the AWHS Govornment Class trip to the State Capital.


Anthony Wayne Education Foundation                                                         Fed ID # 31-1419701
PO Box 294, Waterville, OH  43566


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