Monclova Area Parents


 This link is to introduce you to MAPS
and to inform you about some of the things that MAPS does for your student, the school,
teachers and families of Monclova Elementary.  Click a tab below to get started.

Monclova Area Parents (MAPS)

Monclova Area Parents (MAPS) is recognized as a 501 (c)(3) organization that is responsible for the fundraising that supports the education of our children at Monclova Primary.  All of our fundraisers, events and activities are made possible by our volunteer parents.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • President - Angela Robinson 419-304-6553

  • Vice President - Brenna Pulhuj 419-509-4214

  • Treasurer - Heidi Popovitch 419-376-6914

  • Secretary- Cindy Thompson 419-877-5409

The monthly meetings are held in the library of the school.
Babysitting is provided.

September 6th  11:00-1:00 MAPS Luncheon

*This meeting is held at the historic Monclova Community Center next door to the school.  Babysitting is provided.
Guest speakers include Dr. Fritz and Mrs. Murry.
This is a voting and informative Meeting

October 11th  -  7:00 pm

November 1st -  7:00 pm

February 7th  -   7:00 pm
April 11th - 7:00 pm - Voting Meeting

May 9th -  6:30pm - Dinner Out


We hope you will join us and get involved with MAPS!


  • October 7                   Movie Night
    October 10-14         Fall Book Fair
    October 12 & 13     Donuts for Dads

  • November 4                Movie Night
    November 12             Mother/Son Event

  • December                     Barnes & Noble Night - TBD
    December                     Hero's Night - TBD
    December 7-9             Secret Santa

  • January 20                     Movie Night

  • February                          Hero's Night - TBD

  • March 3rd                    Movie Night
  • April 11-13                     Spring Book Fair
    April 12 & 13                 Muffins for Moms
    April 21                             Father/Daughter Dance

  • May 5                                 Family Fun Night/Silent Auction
    May 26                              Last Day Blast


In addition to the annual spending done by MAPS, we further support the school to buy items that are only needed periodically. Examples of items that MAPS has purchased for the school this past year are as follows:

  • Student field trips

  • Illustrator Visit

  • Laminator

  • Tables for special events

  • IPAD cart and class set of IPADS


Volunteers ALWAYS Needed!

In order to provide all of these activities and also for financial support to the school, it takes lots of volunteers! We need help with both the events and the various fundraisers we hold throughout the year.

MAPS Special Events

The MAPS   volunteers coordinate and sponsor many wonderful events and activities for the children and their families.   Examples of these include:

  • Secret Santa - all the children get to shop for their family at school.   All items are only $1.00.
  • Muffins for Moms - students and moms/significant females come to school and have breakfast with them.
  • Donuts for Dads - students and dads/significant males come to school and have breakfast with them.
  • Family Fun Night - the entire family can come and enjoy a fun evening that includes a magic show, clowns, carnival games, moon walks, ice cream and more...at no cost!
  • Last Day Blast - on the last day of school the kids get to visit stations with games, activities, crafts, etc.
  • Movie Night - one Friday night from October through March students come in their pajamas and bring sleeping bags and watch a movie in the community room.
  • Mother/Son & Father/Daughter Events
  • Fall & Spring Book Fairs


"Clubs Choice" Fall Fundraiser

Al Peake & Sons & Daughter Too" "Fruitraiser"

So please get involved . . . come to a meeting . . . and learn more! Call an officer and
inquire – we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please join us! We want your input!

It is a great opportunity for you to meet other parents and
help your children’s school.


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