Mission Statement

Anthony Wayne Local Schools will partner with our community to engage all students in educational opportunities empowering them to become active, responsible, and productive citizens in our global society.

  • Changes to Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct

    Dear Parents and Students:

    We believe that a comprehensive program of student activities is vital to the educational development of our students.  Involvement with an athletic team, extracurricular activity, and/or driving to school is a privilege and carries with it a responsibility that must be maintained.  In order to participate in one of these programs, students must assume the responsibilities that go along with the privilege of being a member of that team, group, or driving to school. The responsibilities of participation in these activities are outlined in the Anthony Wayne athletic/extracurricular code of conduct.

    The Anthony Wayne Code of Conduct Committee completed their review of the policy in June.  Within the review process, the committee surveyed coaches and parents of 7-12 grade students.  In the March parent survey, there was significant support for changes to the student violation system and the potential for a drug/alcohol testing policy.  In the follow-up survey in April, parents indicated significant support for a multi-tiered student violation system and the adoption of a random drug/alcohol policy.  With the information from the surveys and research on other codes of conduct from area schools and other similar districts in Ohio, the committee made recommendations to change the code of conduct to the Anthony Wayne Board of Education.

    The Board of Education approved these changes to the athletic/extracurricular code of conduct at the July 21, 2014, board meeting.

    The Anthony Wayne Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct will have a three tiered system- Tier One (Minor violations- Consequences determined by athletic director, principal, or designee), Tier Two (Loss of 20% of regular season contests, activities, and/or driving privileges), and Tier Three (Loss of 50% of regular season contests, activities, and/or driving privileges).  Please refer to the code of conduct for further explanations on these three tiers.

    The Anthony Wayne Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct will have a random drug and alcohol-testing program.  The purpose of the program is to:
    ·      provide the student participants with a tool to combat peer pressure,

    ·      provide a safe and healthy environment to all students participating in these programs,

    ·      discourage students from using drugs and alcohol,

    ·      provide students with an opportunity to become leaders in the student body for a drug-free school,

    ·      provide assistance to the student who uses drugs and alcohol,

    ·      provide the school with guidelines and disciplinary policies for violations of the drug-free policy,

    ·      encourage students who participate to be drug and alcohol free.

    Random testing shall be completed throughout the school year for those students who participate in athletic and extracurricular programs and who drive to school. Twenty percent of the population of students who participate in these programs will be tested each year.  The school district will contract with an outside vendor to complete this program.  Community donations and the high school athletic department will fund this program. Further explanation of the process to randomly test students who participate in these programs is listed in the code of conduct.

    While the primary goal of this program is to provide the participating students a tool to combat peer pressure and remain drug and alcohol free, there is the potential for students to still make mistakes in this area.  Within the policy, there is a self-referral and self-reporting tool that provides the student an opportunity to admit to using drugs and/or alcohol.  If a student uses drugs and/or alcohol and admits to doing so, the consequences will be reduced as long as the student and parent agree to counseling and additional testing.  In addition, if a student does not participate in athletics, extracurricular activities, or drives to school, a parent can voluntarily opt-in their student(s) into the random drug testing or have their student(s) tested at the next available time.

    The building administrators are in the process of setting up dates and times for meetings to discuss these changes with the students and parents.  This information will be made available in August.  The athletic/extracurricular code of conduct is available below for your review.  We hope this will assist you and encourage you to use it as a reference throughout the year.  If you have additional questions please call the Junior High (419-877-5342) or High School (419-877-0466).

    Click HERE for a PDF copy of the Anthony Wayne Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct.

  • 2014/15 Registration Packet Pick Up

    In an attempt to get 2014/15 registration packets in the hands of parents in the most cost-effective manner, Anthony Wayne Schools would like to offer students and parents the opportunity to pick up registration packets.

    High school, junior high and middle school packets, along with spring test results will be available for pick up at the Central Administrative Office located at 9565 Bucher Road in Whitehouse beginning Monday, July 14 thru Thursday, July 31st from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday only.  All packets will then be returned to school buildings for pick up at the school beginning Monday, August 4th.

    All primary school registration packets will be available for pick up at the primary buildings on Registration Day, or if a parent prefers to have their packet early, they can pick it up at their primary building starting August 5th.  If you would like to have your child’s OAA test results you may pick this up at the Central Administrative Office beginning Monday, July 14th thru Thursday, July 31st.

    Anthony Wayne Schools are currently working with a vendor to transition to online registration beginning with the 2015/16 school year.

    If you are new to the Anthony Wayne School District and need to enroll for the 2014/15 school year, please contact the Anthony Wayne Administrative Office at 419-877-5377 to schedule an appointment.

  • Message for the AW Community

    July 2nd, 2014

    AW Community:

    During the June 30, 2014 Board of Education meeting, people expressed concerns regarding a bullying incident, and the district response to it, stemming from a social media based interaction between students earlier in the school year.  The Anthony Wayne Board of Education, administration, and staff understand that bullying is an issue at AW as well as in other area school districts and schools throughout the United States.  After an issue like this, we reflect on our actions, procedures, and board policies. Thus, in this situation, we will review our bullying policies, procedures, and programing for students as we move forward into next school year.

    In addition, we must also continue to look at social media and how it has vastly expanded the opportunities for both positive and negative communication among our students.  The explosion of access to technology and social media, and the immediacy with which information can now be shared and passed from person to person, has created a situation that has exacerbated and intensified the problem of bullying as we know it.  AWLS is not alone in this dilemma.  School administrators all over the country are working to adjust policies and procedures to better handle the quickly changing landscape of how information, both positive and negative, can now be shared.

    While we have provided, and will continue to provide, education on bullying and acceptable use of technology and social media, it is apparent that even more needs to be done.  We are exploring additional programs and services in conjunction with outside agencies for next school year to address bullying and positive mental health behaviors.  We will work with stakeholders in our schools, community, and community agencies to review our current policies and procedures.  We also need to better educate our community on how we handle these situations.

    We are optimistic that we can learn from this situation and move forward in a positive way. The Anthony Wayne Local School District feels truly sorry for the child and family involved in this incident as well as each and every child who has ever experienced bullying whether in school, their neighborhood, or in some other part of their life.  We understand the importance of a positive school climate where students feel safe, secure, and respected. Sometimes, people will agree or disagree with decisions made within the school district, but I am encouraging the entire community to put differences aside and come together to help the District and its students as we work through these challenges. Like me, all of these people care about our students here at Anthony Wayne.  We want our students to go through their K-12 experience and become Generals and positive role models in our community.  Lets work together as a community to help these children become successful and productive members of society. Thank you.

    Jim Fritz

  • Thank You Anthony Wayne Retirees!

    On Thursday, June 5th, the Anthony Wayne Board of Education, faculty and staff gathered to recognize retirees who have concluded their careers as part of the Anthony Wayne Family during this past year.

    Pictured (L to R): Louise Rowe, Bus Driver/Playground Cafeteria Aide; Kate North, HS Intervention Specialist; Janet Johnston, Whitehouse Media Center Aide; Polly Miller, Waterville Primary Teacher; and Linda Drennan, Bus Driver.  Not pictured but also retiring this year are Beth Friedeman, FTMS Teacher, Kathy Schoonmaker, JH Teacher; Karrie King, HS Art Teacher,  Joan Elton, Custodian; and Karen Schroeder, Bus Driver

    On behalf of the Anthony Wayne Board of Education, faculty, staff and students of Anthony Wayne Schools, we would like to thank our retirees for their service and dedication to all of our students!


  • Helmet Safety Reward Program

    Attention Students......you can earn FREE ICE CREAM for wearing your helmet while bicycling, roller blading or skate boarding. If an officer with the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office, Metroparks, Maumee, Waterville, Waterville Township, or Whitehouse Police agencies observes a child wearing his/her helmet, he/she could be rewarded with an ice cream coupon worth a $1.00 cone or $1.00 towards a larger purchase. The rewards program will begin Memorial Day, May 26, 2014 and end on Labor Day, September 1, 2014.

    Participating ice cream stores are as follows:  Maumee – Jacky’s Depot, Penguin Palace, and Toozer’s; Monclova Township -   Freeze Daddy’s; Waterville – Sweet Retreat; Whitehouse – General’s Ice Cream.

     A listing of the participating police agencies and ice cream locations are printed on the ice cream coupon.

    On behalf of Judge Gary Byers and the Maumee Municipal Court Staff, we hope you have a fun-filled simmer!

  • Roundabout Training

    The Village of Whitehouse in coordination with the Lucas County Engineer’s Office are developing a roundabout to be constructed at the Intersection of State Route 64 and Finzel Road, North and South.

    The project consists of constructing a modern roundabout at the intersection of SR64 and Finzel Road and the realignment of Finzel Road to eliminate the existing offset intersection.  Also included is the construction of splitter islands at the approach to the roundabout, storm sewer, sidewalks/multi-use path, landscaping, lighting and other related work.

    Please Click HERE for a PDF Power Point on Driving Roundabouts. At the end of the document, there is a YouTube link for further explanation.